This Really Happened

Credit where credit is due

Term Papers of Endearment: How to Get a Really, Really Good Grade

So, just whose school assignment is this, anyway? As a Mom, sometimes it's hard to tell. Continue Reading...

The Eager Volunteer

The Volunteer Volunteer: A Helpful How-To

When it came to serving in my kids' classroom, I was an over-eager-Beaver! Continue Reading...

Best Buddies

A Rookie Mistake: Trading on a Lasting Friendship

The reason why Ken Griffey, Jr. belongs in the Hall of Fame has nothing to do with baseball! Continue Reading...

Pyramid Schemes

My Ugly Furniture: Living With a Bad Decision

Pull up a chair and I'll tell you why I hate my dining room set. Continue Reading...

The real Monahans Sandhills

Driving Home a Point: How NOT to See the Sandhills

Our 1959 Buick may have been streamlined and cool, but it sure made a lousy off-road vehicle. Continue Reading...

A couple of Senior Citizens

Everything Old is Newt Again: This is the dawning of the age of aquariums

Who knew that a simple trip to the pet store would result in a lifelong commitment? Continue Reading...

Thank you, Thing

Little Shop of Formal Wear Horrors: Better Dresses, Worst Nightmares

Who knew that shopping for an evening gown could be such a frightening experience? Continue Reading...

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