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judy kemp said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

love all the pictures and stuff u share

Laurie Dyer said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Paula, my sentiments exactly, so I say "Amen Sista!"

Julie Pruitt said:

As I was looking on my Facebook newsfeed, my fiend Carla posted this "If singing (really loudly) and dancing to your ipod while vacuuming were an Olympic sport, I would have definitely won a gold medal with my routine today!" Which caused me to search the web for Domestic Olympics and that brought me to your website and Domestic Olympics blog you wrote. It's so funny, thus so are you! Love your sensibility and style, you are a Real Housewife of America! I see my friends,family and myself in your stories, keep up the good work!

Elise Coombes said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

When I packed your cookbook, I felt like I took you to Switzerland with me. You would have loved it! We -- my sister-in-law Ann, niece Allyson (16 and wants to sleep all day and be awake at night. I finally told her, everything we wanted to see was closed at 2 a.m.; we needed to tour in the daylight) May Courtion -- the one with the hospitable relatives, and Mary Margaret Byrom from Midland -- were total goofs, speaking limited Spanish to the French-speaking Swiss. My thought: screaming children on 11-hour international flights is the reason God made benedryl.

Gena-Lee Grant said:

thanks I needed a good chuckle..

John White said:

I have enjoyed stepping into you blog. God Bless . John

Sonia Stilwell said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

LOVE LOVE LOVE your website!! You seriously ROCK, and I will keep coming back!!

Sally Marshall Gepp said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

I have been laughing so hard...you are Erma bombeck. I want more...you are so funny! Will you sit next to me at the reunion...please oh please!

Can't wait to see you both....:-)

Judy Googins said:

Lee Ann, I enjoyed your post about the name tags! Please add David and I to your list. Thanks for doing these, as we need all the help we can get!

Terri French said:

I love your sight. Thank you for your sense of humor! I'll be back oftenn to read more...have a great week

Connie Squires said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

It's really nice to see that there is someone with as strange a sense of humor as mine. Love the web site. Keep us up on "your life".

Cynthia Lello said:

Your stories make me smile, and your pictures take me back to a time when life was easy and fun when I was a child.:)

Jason Masters said:

Simply put, I love you. You bring a smile to my face.

Carole Lane said:

You remind me a lot of my favorite author of all times, Erma Bombeck

Dee Smith said:

Loved reading the stories...everyone needs to laugh and remember...hey I'm not the only one

Darlene S said:

this is the best laugh i have had in years! thank you!!

Janice Ringler said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

loved your life.....you must be very happy lady

Paula Rodgers said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

I totally enjoyed reading this. I felt like I was almost reading my biography. I was thinking I should do this, and then realized that I would never actually make it happen. Thank you for doing this!

Jo Ellen Horton said:

Caught your "Captain with Mr.GreenJeans" and the gang...love it!

eve schulz said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

from one extexan to another one in the sunshine state,i loved your life story.keep up the great work.i haven't laughed so much in a love time.

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