Goodbye Body

Too Big for my Britches!

I Dream of Jeans (that fit!): The Search Continues

Just about the time I find the perfect pair of jeans, either the styles change (again) or my shape does! Continue Reading...

Tipping the Scales

Give or Take a Pound: On a Scale of Ups and Downs

Either my bathroom scale is defective, or I weigh exactly the same no matter what I do! Continue Reading...

Coif style 1968

Broken Hair: The Never-Ending Saga

Just about the time I smooth out one style debacle, I get tangled up in another. Continue Reading...

Putting my personal spin on it.

A Futility in Exercise: Working Out a Few Workout Issues

When it comes to losing weight, we’re all in this together. Continue Reading...

How I Did It

Permanently Disillusioned: This One Will Curl Your Hair!

Spare the rod, spoil the Home Perm. No matter how hard I try, I always end up with a big mess. Continue Reading...

Decisions, Decisions

Tinting Tonight: Dyeing to Change My Hair Color

Which shade is right for me? You wouldn't believe it if I told you. Continue Reading...


The Twelve Days of Menopause: A Song of Survival

Pay attention ladies. This is your one true resource for managing “The Change”. Continue Reading...

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