Oddly Enough

A Money Back Guarantee?

The Warranty File: A Lifetime Guarantee for Everything!

No matter how old or obsolete something is, my husband's still got its original warranty card! Continue Reading...

My First Lady Portrait

Me – As First Lady: Launching My Campaign

If my husband ever runs for President I hope you'll vote for him because I really, really want to be a First Lady. Continue Reading...

My Silent Home Movies

Quiet on the Set!: My Own Silent Film Era

Decades after “The Talkies” hit the big screen, my family was still making home movies without sound. Continue Reading...

Who Does She Think She Is?

You-Hoo! Liz! Over HERE!: The Queen and I on the day I found out she wasn't my BFF

I couldn't believe it. Queen Elizabeth just drove right by like I wasn't even there! Continue Reading...

Now I Get It

The Origin of Sayings: The Sort of Stuff I Wonder About

Do you ever wonder how certain quotes came about? Now and then I just take a wild guess. Continue Reading...

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