Teen Stuff

My First True Loves

The Game of Love: My First Encounter with Romance

I guess a girl never really forgets her first love, even if she was only eleven! Continue Reading...

The way I looked, no kidding.

The Real Legend of the Fall: A Hair-Raising, Coming-of-Age Story

When it comes to embarrassing moments, this one's at the top of my list! Continue Reading...

Another side of Woodstock

A Rebellious Teenager, Sort of: It's a Generational Thing

There's cool, there's way cool, there's uber cool. Then there's me. Continue Reading...

Homecoming 1971

Mum's the Word at Homecoming: A Blooming Tradition

During football season there's no better badge of honor to wear on your chest! Continue Reading...

Stuck in a Time Warp

Dialing it Back: Stuck in a Time Warp

I know you're only supposed to turn your clock back one hour for Daylight Savings Time, but once I turned mine back twenty-five years! Continue Reading...

The beauty of charm class

The Purpose Driven Pamela: An Unforgettable Makeover Story

Here's the story of how one invisible girl finally became visible. Continue Reading...

Don't Show This To Anyone!

My Seventh Grade Annus Horribilis: It Was the Worst Year EVER!

From start to finish, my first year of junior high was a total disaster. Forty-five years later I'm finally able to laugh about it! Continue Reading...

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