True Love

How Do I REALLY Love Thee?: The Married Woman's Guide to Counting the Ways

Forget roses and violins. It's the stuff that comes AFTER I Do that measures true romance. Continue Reading...

The Boxer Rebellion

And In THIS Corner…: Fighting fair (yeah, right) with your spouse

Forget touchy-feely advice from marriage counselors. Here's the REAL way to spar with your mate! Continue Reading...

I Knew He'd Say That

Et Tu, Duvet!: A Love Hate Relationship with Bedding

Here's the real story of how my husband got involved in a cover up. Continue Reading...

The Boy Scout Husband

Boy Scout Laws for Husbands: Applying the Rules

Everything our husbands need to know about life they learned in Boy Scouts! Continue Reading...

Sharing a Brain

Sharing a Brain: I Knew He Was Going to Say That

After thirty-eight years of marriage, my husband and I are now officially cranially connected. Continue Reading...

Music to my Ears?

Shopping for Mr. Right: A Buyer's Guide

Don't go looking for the perfect feller, without taking this handy checklist along! Continue Reading...

The Prize

With This Ring – I Declare!: An Evening I Will Never Forget

This is, hands down, the most romantic thing my husband has EVER done! Continue Reading...

The boy and guitar of my dreams

Hey Baby, They’re Playing Our Song: Isn’t it Romantic?

When it comes to falling in love, everybody has special music in their hearts. Continue Reading...

A girl can dream, can't she?

Present, Unaccounted For: Desperate Housewife Seeks Anniversary Gift Ideas

SOS! I need a gift idea for our thirty-seventh wedding anniversary! Somebody HELP me! Continue Reading...

A Bit Out of Place

Hysterectomy – From the Latin “Hysterical”: It'll Leave You In Stitches!

Is there such thing as a hysterectomy recovery support group? If so, I need to sign my husband up! Continue Reading...

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