The Countdown

My Pitch for A New, New Year: Revamping a Holiday Tradition

This is one holiday that needs a serious makeover. Fortunately for everybody, I'm just the person to do it! Continue Reading...

Mum is NOT the word!

Yes, Virginia, Christmas is about Jesus: Setting the record straight

It seems that lately there''s been an effort to make Christmas about everything except the birth of Christ. I say it's time to change that. Continue Reading...

I Have To Do Everything Around Here!

‘Tis the Season – Or Is It?: It All Depends On How You Look At It!

It's that time of year again. If your holiday is stressing you out, maybe you're focusing on the wrong thing. Continue Reading...

Those Little Touches

The Other Side of the Holiday Home Tour: Tickets Are Going Fast!

You haven't lived until you've toured MY home over the holidays. It's guaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit! Continue Reading...

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