Still Pulling the Strings

Mother Still Knows Best: Even After All These Years!

Your grown kids may not admit it, but they need your wisdom and advice now more than ever! Continue Reading...

Stylin' in the Eighties

The Little Girl in the Big Glasses: Framing the Discussion About My Daughter's Eyewear

I must be a terrible Mom for making my daughter wear trendy glasses in the eighties. Continue Reading...

Cheese and Crackers Pre-Haircut!

I Had a Feline He Was Guilty: Did He, or Didn't He?

Now really…who would give a cat a haircut? That's what I'm trying to find out! Continue Reading...

The Male of the Species

Why Unisex Will Never Work: A Case Study

Yes, there really is a huge, enormous, colossal, gargantuan difference between boys and girls! Continue Reading...

Little Bathroom of Horrors

Taking a Bow, But Not the Blame: The Art of Grabbing Credit and Dodging Responsibility

I taught my kids everything they know, unless they do something stupid. Then it’s someone else’s fault! Continue Reading...

Zipping my Lip

Well Shut My Mouth!: A Mother’s Secret Recipe for Keeping Quiet

When it comes to motherly advice, sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all! Continue Reading...

What Are They Thinking?

He Didn’t Get That From Me!: Healthy Eating and Other Ridiculous Ideas

I did my best to raise him right, but my son became a health nut anyway! Continue Reading...


Trusting Your Instincts: It's Easy, Once You Get the Hang of It!

Don't tell the publishing industry I said this, but you really don't need a parenting book to tell you how to raise your kids. All you need is a little common sense. Continue Reading...


It Takes a Worried Mom to Sing a Worried Song: Don't Worry About a Thing...I'm Doing Plenty of That For Both of Us!

Whover said "Don't sweat the small stuff" must not have been a mom. Sweating the small stuff (and the medium stuff and the big stuff and the REALLY big stuff) is part of our job description! Continue Reading...

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