101 Ways to Have Fun With a Baby

Can't You Take a Joke?

Show me a parent who never pulled this stunt with their new baby and I’ll show you a person who missed the whole point of having kids in the first place.  For some reason, babies just make the perfect canvas for site gags.  You can draw on them, or perform hilarious ventriloquist skits with them, or challenge them to a game of cards and then cheat them out of a fortune. And there's nothing like a baby with a wig and a cigar for a few cheap laughs.  Once, when Jason was tiny I stuck a label with bar code on his head and laid him on the conveyor belt with my groceries in the checkout lane.  (I wish you could have seen the look on the face of the clerk at the register. Channeling Queen Victoria, she withered me with a glare that clearly said, "We are NOT amused.”) 

This will come as a surprise to no one who knows us, but my husband and I did this sort of thing around our house all the time.  But then, we’re both firm believers that a home without a decent Whoopee Cushion, or some fake dog poop, or a rubber hand coming out of the commode tank isn’t a home at all.  And now that we have grandchildren, let me tell you, we’re like a couple of kids with a brand new box of crayons.  So get ready, Aidan and Avery, Grammy and Papi are about to have some fun!

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