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Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Teresa, if your fridge is like mine, it's all the "stuff" that is holding it upright!  BTW, if you're on Facebook, go to my page Facebook.com/RattlingAroundinMyHead and you'll see a photo of my vacuum cleaner with its setting for SHAG carpeting!  Still going strong!  Thanks for stopping by the website.  New article here every week.  Tell your friends!  Lee Ann

Teresa Hitt said:

I have only seen this one blog post, but...I SO relate! Mine isn't harvest gold or even antique green, but it won't be long & I have 15 years of stuff on the front & sides!

Nicole Falk said:

Thank you for some wonderful reading. It's great to have a smile waiting whenever I read something new.

Becky Cirkovic said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

I enjoyed this so much! I come from a family of three girls too! I also took baths with my two sisters! I think I first met your sister Marsha when we were in third grade together.

Vince Adkins said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

What a delightful tale of rare discovery, disappointment(of course, you were only out of $45), and rebounding with your integrety intact. And all of it so very well-written. But where does the sense of irony come from in your site?

anita davis said:

This is a great story. Thanks again for all the stories. Keep them coming!

Linda Lewis said:

I love your humor and stories.Brightens my day.Thank you.

Evonne Bruce said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

I loved this as well as your refrigerator story. I loved the photo's as well as the captions underneath them. You are a very talent writer, and should really consider publishing a book. And thank you so much for making me laugh. This brought a little bit of humor to my boring day. :)

Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Martha:  BUSTED!! (Of course it would take a girl from Big Spring to know I was going to pick up that steak with my fingers!)  I really had to watch myself after that.  As it was I used my fingers to clean the gravy that was dripping off the plate, and then I licked them - but hopefully off-camera.  Old habits die hard.  Thanks for keeping me honest.  Lee Ann

Martha Davis said:

You were going to pick up that piece of steak with your HANDS to put on your plate, weren't you? Really the only way to do it...

Dee Young said:

Thank you for being here to enlighten the lives of others with your wit and wisdom of life. I enjoy your pages, etc.

Marianne Phelps said:

How nice to find you, old friend from Dallas! Looking good, too.
Catch me up on your news. I am ready to make gravy...

Vicki Jo Azbill said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

You are gifted as well as a gift! I so enjoyed your "about me" page. Thank you for sharing your wit on the progression of life =)
Blessings to you and yours!

Lynn Temple said:

Love your story about the girls from 60 years ago.

Linda Lewis said:

It is so refreshing to read your humor in our mundane everyday chores and life in general.Thank you for the smiles.

Karen Fordyce said:

Do find and hold comedy in life is a true treasure and you have done that.

Bonnie Penaz said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Your web page is outstanding. I am in your shoes and will aways love life as it comes and goes.

Nancy Reynolds said:

i just love your stories--I relate to alot of them--Thanks

anita davis said:

From "Distracted Everything " My I have your attention please." Lee Ann you should ask your honey to look in his tool box for your Garlic Press. That's where my honey found mine. Now he want's to put up sign's in my kitchen that say "No cell phone use in kitchen." So please forgive me if I do not show him this lovely story even if it is so true. Love your story's Nita

Levieta Mantooth said:

Love your site!

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