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Virginia Crosby said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Son-in-law Shawn sent me here! Love your sense of humor. Thanks for the laughs (or maybe I laughed cause its so close to the truth around my place too)

Mary Edwards Zumwalt said:

I am looking forward to reading your articles! thanks for the Christmas book!

Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Hey, John, thanks for the feedback.  I hope your daughter will enjoy the site.

Lee Ann

John Dalmas said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

HI LeAnn
Shawn Olson sicced me onto your site. I enjoy your sense of humor and general attitude. In turn I've sent a link to you to my daughter and her husband, who are young folks about your age.

Terri Sons said:

Enjoyed the cartoons. I'll be back to check out the rest...

Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Michelle, I stand humbly corrected.  By the way, you will always be my friend, no matter what color your hair is (but it sure would make me feel better if you'd sprout just a LITTLE bit of gray!)  Lee Ann

Michelle Cobb said:

Lee Ann,
All your friends do not color their hair. Unless I'm not your friend anymore.

Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]


It's nice to know I'm not the only one who struggles with "spaghetti prayers"!  I wish I could sit in on the lesson with your 4th graders.  Something tells me they have a wonderful teacher!

Thanks for stopping by the website.

Lee Ann

Marsha Foreman said:

I love your website. I loved the story about Spaghetti prayer. Soooo often true of me in my prayer life. I shepherd 4th graders at my church in Alabaster AL and I'm teaching them how to pray. I'm sure they will hear your story before the month of Sept is out. :) M.

Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Hi Maria Alicia,

Wow!  I've been to Chile and didn't even know it.  (I should have sent myself a postcard while I was there.)  I'm delighted you found the website.  I hope you'll pass the link on to your friends.

Take care,

Lee Ann

Maria Alicia Moya said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Hi LeAnn!
I just love your stories and your humor! Greetings from a fan from Chile (yep, you made it that far :))

Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Sara Kay - Thanks for the encouragement.  You are such a treasure!  (And I'm not surprised you're a listmaker too.  You and I both inherited it from Mema!)  Love you! Aunt E

Sara Carpenter said:

Aunt E-
I absolutely love your site. I just love catching up and reading your articles! Spaghetti Prayers was very refreshing... hit pretty close to home! It like our wires got crossed and you could hear my prayers, because that's how they sound more often than not! And I can so relate to your True Confessions of a Recovering List Maker. Maybe one day I will put my color coded post-its aside and be able to leave the house without a small spiral in my purse. I guess it's in those Jolly genes! Keep it up, I can't get enough!

Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Renee - What a treat to catch up with you again.  Bring on the trainload!! - Lee Ann

Renee Freeland said:

Great to see you Lee Ann. Your website is great. I will visit again, and attempt to bring a trainload. You have done some really good writing! I'm impressed. You still make me smile -- what a gift! hugs, Renee

Jason Lewis said:

I love the new article, "You rip what you sew"!! That dress reminds me of the one you made for Lauren for Annabell's 90th birthday. I think that was the first and last time I ever heard you say the "S" word.

Laura Cotton said:

My first time to your website and what pops up is San Van. Whose shoe was that in the guys tent anyway???

Teresa Dameron Sattawhite said:

Hi Lee Ann,
It is very comforting knowing that your humor has not grown old. Still funny after all these years. Congratulations on your website- it's fun remembering those Midland days and sweet friends. Don't forget me when you get to be on Oprah. Take care and come back to texas where you belong. Hope to see you sometime in the future --teresa s.

Robbie Berry - Rushing said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

What a hoot, Lee Ann! You are gifted writer and I do remember some of those days! Love your site. Becky sent it to me! You know, Midland should be proud - from a gifted humorist to the President of the US...not too shabby! God Bless!

Jason Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Mom, I love your witty humor...even if it is at my expense!

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