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Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Teresa, this time it was mayonnaise.  Last year it was taco seasoning.  I shudder to think what will happen when I run out of sesame oil - I've had the same bottle for twenty years.  What'll I do when I start buying them every week for two months?  (Can I sell them on EBay?)  Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one...

Teresa Hendry said:

I was so happy to read that you also have 4 jars of mayonaise...now I know why I have 2!

Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Rebecca, I'm glad you could relate.  If we ever chat with each other on the phone, let's make sure NEITHER of us are trying to do anything else at the same time!  Thanks for the thumbs up on the humor.

Rebecca Perlstein said:

I am greatly enjoying your blog! You make me laugh everytime. I totally relate to the phone/distracted cooking, cleaning, shopping, typing.....I cracked three eggs down the disposal and through the shells into the cake batter...hmmmm. Thanks for the smiles.

Carol Buck said:

Thoroughly enjoy reading what you have to say, makes me think, laugh and relate...God Bless you.

Deanna Vereb said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Hey Lee Ann!!! Found Marc on FB and as always so proud of your writing sent me this way.. :) and I'm glad he did - i love it!!! You guys look great and I love your stuff!!


lea ann McDaniel said:

i just could completely relate to what you had to say about how we love another, it was so true and right on.
lea ann

Marsha Jolly Dueease said:

I'd bite my lip, but you are too good. You make it tough on your sisters. Who could follow an act - or an article like yours?

Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Louise, thanks for taking the time to sign my guestbook in such a creative way!  Who knew you were a poet?  I can't believe I was lingering at lunch with you in Dallas at the very moment I should have been boarding my flight back toMiami! I thought it was the next day.  Duh.  Fortunately I was able to catch a later flight.  At any rate, I enjoyed our visit.

Louise Gibbs said:

I meant to add on my posting that I am thoroughly enjoying your site. I keep stopping by to read your stories that are told with such humor and insight.

Louise Gibbs said:

Your missives are brilliant
They’re fine works of art
Don’t ever underestimate
The skill on your part.
Your phrases are sharp
And clear and smart
A tease for the mind
And a gift to the heart.

Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Marilyn, I'm so glad you're coming to the luncheon!  It should be a lot of fun! (But there had better be no heckling from the "Midland section!")

Marylyn Leonard said:

I knew I shouldn't have started reading these essays tonight. Here it is midnight - way past my bedtime:) And I loved everyone of them. Looking forward to seeing you in Dallas.

Deborah Davidson said:

Lee Ann,
Thanks for including me among your friends. What a treat to receive the newsletter!

Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Karen - thanks for the grettings from across the pond!  It's so cool that I'm apparently Rattling globally?!?

Karen Webb said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Hi LeAnn

Found you via Facebook, and now look forward to your posts there. You make me laugh so much! Greetings from an English fan! :-)

Luretta BYBEE said:

Lee Ann, I really enjoyed perusing your writings and photos. Robbie's right, you do us Midlanders proud!

Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Cindi - Of course I remember you (and your beautiful curly red hair!) I'm glad you are enjoying the site.  I'm also glad to see you 've joined as a fan of my Facebook page.   Visit early and visit often!  Take care.  Lee Ann

Cindi Cary Mladenka said:

Lee Ann~
I have had to sign on to your 'RSS' feed, to keep up with the 'funnies'! I was laughing out loud on this one...the 'permanent' was a nightmare for this naturally-curly redhead...what was my mother thinking?!

I'm not sure you remember me, but as a good friend of Marsha's, I've enjoyed your writings for some time, now.
Especially, "The Jolly Girls" Cookbook!
Keep 'em comin'!

Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Virginia, I'm glad you like the site.  I couldn't have done it without Shawn's help.  Happy New Year!  Lee Ann

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