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Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Candy, funny you should mention Carol Burnett.  I just ran into her in the LA Airport about a week ago! She was very, very nice and autographed a copy of her book for me.  (Dare I say it? I'm so glad we had this time together...)  Like you, I loved her show.  As for Bob Hope, I've always been a fan.  He and I even share the same birthday (albeit a scant 51 years apart.)  Thanks for stopping by the website.  I hope you'll pass the link along to your friends!  Lee Ann

Candy Carrillo said:

I love this article, almost as much as I loved watching Bob Hope back then.He was such a wonderfully kind man, and I know how much his visits to the troops meant.
I always wanted to be a tap dancer like Shirley Temple. I have all her newly digitalized DVD's, as well as am subscribing to the Carol Burnett Show's new (old) releases. I bet you like her show, too. Tim Conway's ad-libbing scenes used to leave me in tears of laughter! keep up the great writing- you have another fan.

anita davis said:

Well thanks so much, this story was another great one of yours. This one was very timely also. I was not Looking forward to Fathers day. Lost my Daddy jan.2006 and it is hard. But this year my honey and kids will not be with me so I am worried that it will be a day of dread. But reading this story brought great memories of my Dad and I dancing. I had the pleasure to dance with my Daddy six times all just as great as yours. To me anyway. Thanks for the reminder.

Shelby Allred said:

I couldn't make an artificial plant survive!!! I used to say that I had to have been adopted. All my aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends could do whatever they wanted with a plant or flower, but not ME! Why didn't I inherit those genes instead of the ones that make me FAT! AND SHORT!!!

I understand about the tomatoes, and I have had fresh, homegrown tomatoes, I just didnt grow them myself!

Mary Zumwalt said:

Now I'll have "found a peanut" in my head.
I so relate to your wrinkled brain. Remember "no more monkeys
jumpin' on the bed?" We've got to pass these songs along!
Love you,

anita davis said:

I still love ya and hope you keep up your writing. I do this all the time sing the odd songs to my grandkids and there Mommy's don't understand where they get them from I just keep my mouth shut when she is Taling about the silly songs her three year old knows. Thankfully she is to young to know where they came from. We were singing the night quil song they othere day the he went home an sang it to Mom! Love ya!

Beth Aleo said:

Luv It! I miss Erma B. so much and you are the first one to reach that spot in my mind that she could. Thanks!

Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Well, Kathy, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who uses Southern charm and "I'm sorry, I had no IDEA..."  Glad to hear from a kindred spirit.  Pass the buttered biscuits please!  Lee Ann

Kathy Bennetch said:

I'm a firm believer in "Forgiveness is easier to get than permission" so of course I'm also a firm believer "in dummy up" when asked why such and such happened. I do find lots of Southern Charm and "I'm so sorry I had no idea that you hated this lovely color of rose mauve in our bedroom" helps to defuse the bomb I've created. We must be from the same tribe and the same clan. Enjoyed your ramblings more than hot biscuits with butter (and that's a lot of love!) Will definitely be back for more.

Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Laura, you have paid me the highest compliment!  If you don't believe me, I urge you to go to the "Backward Thinking" section of the "Inspiration" tab under "Articles" and read the one I wrote about Erma Bombeck.  She really was a national treasure and I'm flattered you find a similarity!  Thanks for visiting the site.  Be sure and forward it on to your friends, and come back often!  Lee Ann

Laura Hise said:

Love your page...you remind me a lot of Erma Bonbeck...she was so witty and clever! Great job you are doing!

anita davis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

I always pass the link on. Thanks so much.

anita davis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

This happens to me and I don't have that excuse.

anita davis said:

I love all your stuff keep it coming please!

Paula Clemons said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

You have once again made me laugh this morning. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I needed that!

Paula Clemons said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

For me, it wasn't mayonnaisse but MARSHMALLOWS! I went grocery shopping one day with a list that included MARSHMALLOWS! So I bought them. Very next day, I discovered we were running out of spaghetti noodles and DD wanted spaghetti for dinner. So I stopped at Safeway on the way home from taking her to school, and got spag. noodles and remembered I needed MARSHMALLOWS! So I bought some more. 3 days later we needed milk. So I stopped at the grocery store to get 1/2 gal of 2% milk. Well, you guessed it, I knew we needed MARSHMALLOWS so I bought some more!!! By the end of that month, we had SIX BAGS of MARSHMALLOWS in the cupboard! Hubby ORDERED ME NOT TO BUY ANY MORE MARSHMALLOWS FOR A VERY LONG TIME!
In my defense, I should tell you that in 1994 I had some brain surgery that totally wiped out my short term memory (and to this day I still have problems when I'm under a lot of stress!)

Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Paula, as I returned home from a luncheon a little while ago, to face the disastrous kitchen MESS I'd left in my rush to leave this morning, I'm reminded of the Procrastination example I used in the article.  Ouch!  I'm so glad you could relate to the article.  I hope you'll pass the link along to your friends.  And now I'm going to go clean up my kitchen...  Lee Ann

Paula Clemons said:

ABSOLUTELY LOVED reading this today!!!Thank YOU very much! It's amazing what God can teach us, even in the kitchen, about life!

Lee Ann Lewis said: [ See Comment Stimulus ]

Sally, You are such a sport to let me flash that photo in front of the whole crowd (not that I gave you much choice!)  I had so much fun at the luncheon.  Did I make a total ninny of myself?  Yep.  My "career" as a speaker may be incredibly shortlived.  Alas.  Take care!  Lee Ann

Sally Spurgin said:

Lee Ann, you are as funny as ever! It was wonderful to see you and Jeri and Marsha last week, and your talk was hilarious. Such fun, even the startling and wholly unanticipated photos of me! At my advanced age, a nearly forty-year-old magazine cover raises awkward comparisons--but at least I am slightly more presentable than during my eighteen-year Awkward Phase in our Midland youth.

I have three jars of mayonnaise currently. Glad to know I have company!

Love you,

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